All For Me Grog


All For Me Grog (AFMG) is a simple role-playing game of swashbuckling, pirate fun. It is not a game about real pirates. Instead, AFMG is a game about the kind of pirates you see in fun, family-friendly, high adventure films. Treasure Island and Pirates of the Caribbean. Captain Blood and Captain Kidd.

The mechanics of AFMG are easy to learn and designed to fade into the background when players really get into the story, though there are a few interesting tricks to make rolling the dice fun too. Characters are quickly sketched in with just three primary attributes and a few “vocations,” and combat is both streamlined and driven by description to maintain a cinematic feel.

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“AFMG is a rules-light, but incredibly evocative RPG of pirate adventure. Plus the resolution system is incredibly simple and encourages players to roleplay.”
Tim Snider, The Savage Afterworld

“This game is great fun and is well-suited for a mini-campaign (three to six sessions). I’ve played in two such campaigns, run one of my own, and played in a handful of one-nighters. Each and every session was a blast.”
VerdantGreen, review